Carlos Casas

Caves, Stones and  Lights

“Capo di Leuca Fieldworks”

30 July – 21 August 2016, Mon – Sun 19h – 22h

Exhibition curated and produced by Ramdom.

Lastation, Piazza Bitonti, Piazza San Rocco, Gagliano del Capo (LE), Italy

Investigation on the Extreme Land 2015-16;



The exploration of a territory is not only a surface process, but implies a deep, careful investigation, in the bowels of the earth and its inhabitants.

Capo di Leuca, the last extremity on the southern part of Italy, is acomplex entity inj which natural and human landscape merge into each other, they are mutually contaminated. No scientific study has unearthed their connection, but there sure is a strict relationship between the quarry, the caves, the stones of this land, and the ways in which they have moulded the nature of its inhabitants.

In his research work, promoted by Ramdom as part of “Extreme Land Investigation” project Spanish visual artist and filmmaker Carlos Casas has been fascinated by the thousand-years old story of these stones, as well as by the people who – together with the sea – have shaped them: the stonebreakers. The artist explored the hidden caves of this land, where, hammering and chiseling, many houses and public buildings have been built over the centuries; he followed the light, which in the Finis Terrae rises and sets from the horizon counterpointing the switching rhythm of Santa Maria di Leuca’s lighthouse.

The natural light is one of theb elements that gives macic to many of the caves placed between clefts along eastern coast of Salento. One in particular, Vucca de lu puzzu (Well’s mouth), appeared to the artist in its magnificence and majesty. While exploring it, Casas fell down and hit his head on the rocks, comprehending first-hand the intimate bond that ties caves, stones and lights to the most remote places of the human soul.


Collateral activities:

•      July, 31st: Caves, stones and lights. Capo di Leuca’s landscape explained to Capo di Leuca. Talk with Carlos Casas, Paolo Mele, Domenico Licchelli. Short audio and video performances by Carlos Casas.

•      July, 31st, August 1st: Exhibition’s places exploration . One day exploring the territory, artistically remapped. Morning: cavern visit; afternoon: cave visit and sunset at the lighthouse.

August, 3rd, h 21:00. Carte Blanche: artist’s video showing of places that inspired his work.