Last cultures
I Conference of Salento University
Gagliano del Capo (Lecce)
19/20 April 2017
Deadline Call for paper: 15th December 2016
The meeting is organized by the Departement of History, Society and Human Studies of Salento University and by Sherazade Association, that focuses on the promotion of the narrative holdings of the territory. Sherazade is the winner of public call promoted by the Regione Puglia “Bollenti Spiriti – Laboratori Urbani Mettici le Mani”.
The venture is physically and theoretically tied with Lastation space, at train station of Gagliano del Capo (the last station in the south-east side of Italy); it is part of a bigger project that aims to promote a territory thought, on the one hand, as marginal and decentralize, and on the other, since many years, the object of many economic, social and cultural practices, that propose new ways of understanding and living “geographical extremity”.
In this context, the conference intends to open an exploring front on boundary cultural events, deeply-rooted in extreme places, starting by the opinion that something liminal it isn’t ever marginal, but it is often full of innovations, incitements, occasions of improvement. The place chosen for the Conference, in this sense, is deeply evocative, because of its liminal position (it could be the last or the first place, according to the different point of view); it could be the extreme point of the continent or the meeting point between European and Mediterranean cultures.
However the geographical decentralization is only the starting point of the discussion. The conference would be an occasion of deeply locating and observing extreme cultural systems.