Contemporary Art Festival

Gagliano del Capo

29 July – 27 August 2017


organized by Capo d’Arte, Ramdom, NOON

Gallerie di Palazzo Daniele – Corso Umberto I, Piazza San Rocco, Palazzo Comi – Via XXIV Maggio, Lastation – Piazzale Stazione, Via della libertà, Piazza Immacolata, Ponte Ciolo


Exhibitions, talk, residence: a spontaneous festival organized by Capo d’Arte and Ramdom, which will take place in different spots of Gagliano del Capo, in Salento. Civil organizations will present ideas, projects, visions and prospects.

Capo d’Arte, in collaboration with L’Accademia di Francia in Rome – Villa Medici, present the works by Simon Rouby and Eva Jospin conceived during a residence in Gagliano. Ramdom presents in Lastation the artworks of Matthew Wilson, Andrew Friend, Brett Swenson, Oliver Palmer and Giorgio Garippa, in an exhibition curated by Francesca Girelli and Heba Amin. Palazzo Comi hosts Regola, solo show by Daniele D’Acquisto, curated by Lorenzo Madaro, after a project with NOON and in collaboration with Via Vai, are all together in a talk with Matteo Fato. In the galleries of Palazzo Daniele, Misurare il tempo, exhibition of Giancarlo Pediconi and Simon d’Exéa curated by Duccio Trombadori, organised by Christine Ferry. Nearby Lastation, Antonio De Luca, after a project of Ramdom, will propose two public art installations

All of the initiatives are freely accessible.


For some years now Gagliano del Capo has become a point of reference in Apulia’s and Italy’s contemporary arts scene thanks to a plural planning.

The artistic productions of the association Capo d’Arte from 2010 and Ramdom from 2012 have been involving artists, curators, researchers coming from all over the world with an internationally acknowledged fame. A detailed press release contributed to take Capo di Leuca, already known for its beautiful landscapes, to the spotlight of the national and international press also for its artistic dynamics. After years of continuous, but rhapsodic collaborations, in 2016 Capo d’Arte and Ramdom realized a series of programs of related exhibitions and performances, which encouraged other organizations and curators, who helped in the planning part: the result is a spontaneous festival with 9 contemporary art interventions, which brought more than 4000 visitors to a city which population is 5000 in the months of July and August. But the summer events are only the peak of the iceberg of an everyday work, which produces workshops, training courses, meetings and wide collateral activities. Nourished with prestigious partnerships as with Capo d’Arte and l’Accademia di Francia in Rome or Ramdom’s partnership with NABA of Milano. On the footsteps of the pioneer edition in 2016, Capo D’Arte, Ramdom and NOON are about to strengthen the experience of the collaboration promoting an actual festival of contemporary art, structured by exhibitions, workshops, performances, talks and time to engrossment. A festival, which does not limit itself – although its fundamental- to its major visibility in the summer, but elaborates all the work on the territory during the whole year through the activities of the preparation, the collateral events and projects of artistic residence, which allow to the artists and curators to soak into the local life, and allow for the local operators to confront themselves with national and international realities.


The program 2017



Default17. Research of the Extreme Lands

International residence

19-26 June 2017


Extreme states of impossibility

30 July – 27 August

from 19 to 23 o’clock.

Lastation, Piazzale Stazione 2, Primo Piano, Piazza Immacolata


Opening Party 23pm with dj set by Pierpaolo Leo


Andrew Friend, Matthew Wilson, Brett Swenson, Giorgio Garippa and Oliver Palmer

curated by Francesca Girelli and Heba Amin

Stati estremi d’impossibilità (Extreme states of impossibility) presents a selection of works of the last two editions of DEFAULT, a multidisciplinary think-tank, which invites the artists to reflect on geographical imaginations connected to the local spaces and to those, which are identified historically as Finibus Terrae, Lands End, or the end of the world. The program is part of a continuous research on the Extreme Lands, launched in 2014 by Ramdom. Considering how a unique territory can produce different perceptions, both travelling towards the extremity or the living in those extreme places, DEFAULT doesn’t ask the participants a compulsive interaction with the geopolitical and social reality of the place, where the workshop will take place. In the center of the research rather stands a better understanding of imaginary constructions, which means the essential of extremity, setting up a “why” and a “how” on historical and contemporary constructions, on how these places touch the individuals personally, psychologically and artistically.



Sonàrie. Waiting garden.

curated by Ramdom
Itineraries and places to listen. Permanent sound installation
Inauguration on the 29th of July 2017, 7 pm


A place for waiting marked and routed by the sound, where the body listens to design its extension and crosses its invisible border. It’s the resonant expansion, which tailors the inside and outside. The resonant scenery and the silent time of waiting: here, the listening is for making an emptiness and to live in it. The intervention of De Luca unravels behind Lastation, next to the Railway track, among pathways and corners third landscape, which invite you to experience and to stay, to live those places by listening.

Nests and sound devices, which capturing the wind make sounds, which weave together melancholic details, a resonant flow becoming mutable. The installation resumes, aesthetically and conceptually, the traditional element of the “luminaria” (previously reinterpreted by Carlos Casas for Ramdom), but not the light is the main element, rather the sound. The lights are switching on only in the presence of power, the Sonàrie are celebrating the wind, in unpredictable ways and directions. The place for listening is the listening of the place.


Capo d’Arte

and L’Accademia di francia a roma – Villa Medici




Sleeping Giants


Inauguration 29 July, 20 o’clock

with a screening from the Ponte Ciolo

(Litoranea Leuca-Tricase)

and Via XXIV maggio




30 July – 27 August 2017

from 19 to 23 o’clock

Via XXIV maggio

Gagliano del Capo


Arriving at the eighths edition, Capo d’Arte presents, in collaboration with Accademia di Francia in Rome – Villa Medici, the work of arts of the artists Eva Jospin and Simon Rouby, who lived and worked in April in Gagliano del Capo.

The installation of Eva Jospin reinterprets an abandoned space in the city center. Eva worked with local products, using olive leaves and oak acorns, plants threatened by two bacteria, which are risking an extreme change in the local territory. The esthetically very poetic work of art conceals an actual and serious issue.

Simon Rouby remained impressed by the presence of the numerous youngsters from Africa, Syria and Albania, coming from a migrational contest and from municipial and regional acceptance. Because of this Simon decided to realizee a video in order to illustrate the reality of their conditions showing also the dreams about their new life. The video will be projected on the 28th and 29th of July from Ponte Ciolo and during August in one or two houses in the city center, made available from the locals of Gagliano del Capo. The project and the event are sustained by Total.




Daniele D’Acquisto. Regola

curated by Lorenzo Madaro

30 July – 14 August 2017

from 19 to 22.30 o’clock

Inauguration 29 July at 19 o’clock


The exhibition promoted by NOON, with the Via Vai association, propose Regola, the new circle of artworks of Daniele D’Acquisto, conceived exactly for this project. This practice of hers wants to confront internationally with the environment, where the sculpture exists and acts, through relational dynamics, which form a starting point for the construction of another working place, where the public is invited to move actively. The space in D’Acquisto is determined from the construction of wooden volumetric structures okumè; a series of steel implants connecting shape and space in poetical and conceptual terms, allowing the rotation and the extension of the single elements. Here starts an auto-generative system, which as such specified the internal rules, naturally is connected also with the previous circles of her work. For the occasion of the exhibition the artist and the curator published Der mensch ist was er isst (ed. NOON), a memorandum, prepared for four hands, where the paradigmatic title Der mensch ist was er isst is a true prologue, as it connects to certain basic knowledge which is established on the common work.

During the exhibition there will be a talk (4 August, 19.30 o’clock) in order to present the publication and the editorial and curatorial project Occupare lo spazio.

Daniele D’Acquisto. Regola project is realized thanks to also the support of Mule Engneers Constructors Designers (Galatina), Arthotel & Park (Lecce), Valentino Caffè.


Info: 338.63.38.627.



Giancarlo Pediconi and Simon d’Exéa

curated by Duccio Trombadori


Inauguration 29 July, 19 o’clock


30 July – 2 September 2017

every day from 19 to 23 o’clock


In the famous book entitles Space, time, architecture of Siegfried Giedion the peculiarity of the modern architecture is identified in the fourth dimension and compared with the principal of art from the ‘900: cubism, futurism and constructivism.

Accompanied by this aesthetic intuition, the exhibition ‘Misurare il tempo’, ‘Measuring time’ confronts the photographies of Giancarlo Pediconi and Simon d’Exea, which evidences the unpredictable and hidden aspects of the architectural forms in an original and convergent way understanding the simultaneous, dynamic and multilateral dimension.

A nourished figurative repertoire is enriched also from the images of the environment and situations coming originally from Salento’s architecture, with the brightness of Lecce’s noble and religious stone building constructions, through costal towers, farmhouses to oil mills and crypts. Searching in the middle of a huge deserted and tumbling space in order to rediscover the forgotten architecture among the ruined buildings and machines out of use. Giancarlo Pediconi hastens an architectural look on the almost basilica-like structures, with a full and empty regularity, which are staring and at the same time are measuring the flow of time.

The very much narrative exhibition, which multiplies and describes the different points of view presents a formal synthesis in the imaginary architecture of Simon d’Exea through overlapping techniques elaborates and visualizes layers and details of a building until the point to obtain the rythm of a prospective in four dimensions in evident analogy with the temporality snapshot of the cubistic composition.




The Accademia di Francia in Rome promotes the artistic creation in all of its disciplines through residence for artists and researchers from all over the world. Furthermore, it offers a cultural program, which aims to hasten the dialogue between France and Italy, in view of opening the world towards Europe. Founded in 1666, the Accademia di Francia in Rome deals also with the conservation of Villa Medici, its head office from 1803. Directed by Muriel Mayette-Holtz, the institution celebrated in 2016 its 350° anniversary.


Capo d’Arte nonprofit organization promoting contemporary art in Apulia coordinated by Francesca Bonomo and Francesco Petrucci. From the very beginning, Capo d’Arte organized annual exhibitions often presenting for the first time in Apulia, the artworks of the artists in international relief as the Soundwalk Collective, Mario Airò, Francesco Arena, KaderAttia, Rossella Biscotti, Yang Fudong, Ahmet Ogut, Adrian Paci, Luigi Presicce, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Elisa Sighicelli, Sisley Xhafa and much more.


Ramdom is an association for cultural and artistic production and projects. It promotes new and creative practices and innovative languages for communication, intergrating with citizens, private, public, national and international subjects.

Founded in 2011 in the extreme corner of Italy, Ramdom deals with artistic trainings and production, promoting mobility through masterclasses, workshops, exhibitions and residence.

In September of 2011 and 2013 Ramdom organized in Lecce, “DEFAULT, Masterclass in residence”. For ten days twenty artists and ten international guests were discussing and comparing arguments about the city and rigeneralization. Some of the proposed projects had after been realized. The Masterclass was accompanied by a rich program of collateral events. From 2015, the Default project is focusing on the Extreme Lands.

In 2014 Ramdom launched a project “Investigation on the Extreme Land”. Artists, curators, cultural workers and citizens take part in an analysis process and reflection through studies, artistic productions about and in peripheric contests.



NOON was founded in 2017 after the initiative of the curator Lorenzo Madaro and the artist Daniele D’Acquisto, it works as a platform dedicated to exhibitions, editorial projects, engrossment and prosecution of a series of common planning. Among the first projects, in collaboration with NOON there was a retrospective over Kengiro Azuma in Palazzo Pino di Monteroni of Lecce, Mario Schifano and Pop Art in Italia in Castello Carlo V in Lecce and the project Spazio N-Dimensionale, dedicated to the artist Natalino Tondo in the Galleria Davide Gallo (Milano).


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